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Becoming a diversify supplier and customers' best partner

About Us

Twin Hill Co., Ltd. 
Establish : 1st April, 1997
Location : 4F., No. 114, Zhouzi St., Neihu Dist., 114688, Taipei City, Taiwan

Over 20 years of trading experiences in LED, Chemical, Precious Material and New Energy related industries.

Sincere ‧ Flexible ‧ Visionary ‧ Enthusiastic ‧ Challenging


Established Twin Hill Co., Ltd. Obtained exclusive regional distribution rights of Toyoda Gosei's LED in Taiwan.

Obtained regional distribution rights of Toyoda Gosei's LED in Great China. Established Unitoyo Opto. Ltd. in Hong Kong.

Established joint-venture company Toyoda Gosei Opto Elec. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Established joint-venture company Toyoda Gosei Opto Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.

Established Toyolite Opto Co., Ltd. expanding new business.

Obtained regional distribution rights of Copal Elec. White LED Driver IC in Taiwan.

Obtained regional distribution rights of Alti-electronics LED, LiquidMetal, PSCOD High Power LED products in Taiwan.

Established Twin Hill Tech. (Shen Zhen) Ltd. in China. Obtained regional distribution right of Jungjin lead-frame. Obtained regional distribution rights of LWB phosphor.


Obtained regional distributional rights of Tanaka Kikinzoku in Taiwan.


Established joint-venture company TE Opto Ltd. in Taiwan.

Obtained regional sales rights of Cyberdyne Inc. robotic rehabilitation training course in Taiwan.


Obtained regional sales rights of Metalor plating related equipment in Taiwan.


Obtained laser related packaging material from Japan.

Obtain brain monitoring devices from Japan.

About Us
What We Offer

​Business Scope



Emitting Diodes

Provide Toyoda Gosei & TE Opto LED related products. Including blue, LED chip, packages in various sizes for backlight and lighting application.

Also provide special LED such as Sun-light LED as well as UV LED.



Previous Materials

Provide industrial precious metals such as Au, Pt slugs and other alloy for epitaxy, plating solution, Au wires for packaging. Recycle work of different parts. One-stop procurement. 

Advance Equipment

Provide plating equipment for opto/

semiconductor industrial use, application such as VCSEL metal plating. Provide various types of metal solutions as well as recycle service. Provide inspection machines for clean room particle inspection.


​Cutting-Edged Materials

Provide varieties of materials including LED packaging resin, patterned sapphire substrate, applying for UV LED. Provide various metal/glass sub mount for laser package.



Medical Supplies

Provide dynamic services and devices such as EEG, OSA, bone graft/nail and motional sensors in order for the needs to obtain the most suitable caring resources. Also function as the bridge to connect the user to the suppliers.

Since obtaining the Great China regional distribution right of Toyoda Gosei's LED products from 1997, Twin Hill has more than 20 years of experiences in LED industry. Not only in sales & marketing, but also in connecting the partners together through OEM collaboration or joint-venture. In the future, we are targeting to connect with world-wide supply-chain, through vertical resources alliance, provide competitive LED devices and modules.

In terms of advanced material, we focus on "electronic material" and "composite material" as our base. Developing new products and increase our product lines to precious metal material, thermal material and also high polymer material. To provide total solution and one-stop shopping for customer's convenience.

New business development team is also eager to understand market's needs finding the right solution!

​Looking forward to hear from you!


Business Function

Provide quality services to satisfy customers' needs. Back in 20 years ago, Twin Hill had foresight in LED industry and started to provide solutions and market research, we insist to provide professional supports for customers.  

With the initial goal of caring of our world, we focus mainly on LED and energy related products; and with best interest of our strategical partners. Recently, we also expand our business to medical, green energy and agriculture industries. Hoping to continue our caring of the people and mother earth.

Create business opportunity and managing business direction. We collaborate with may customers and it's our mission to provide higher values.

Our partners are located world-wide, including Japan, Korea, North America, Germany, Austria and etc. With years of trading experiences, we are able to provide solutions all around.

​Project Management

Professional team, with experiences in project management and technical support. Efficient control of time, to provide best resources and maximize efficiency.

Sales & Marketing ​

Over 20 years of experience in international trading business across the world (Japan, Korea, North America, Austria, Germany and etc.) Products including semiconductor, precious metals, chemicals, new energy, consumer, medical equipment and etc. 

​New Business

In depth connection with supply-chain, sales channel and industry movements. Provide market research, analysis and monitoring of market trend for potential business opportunities. 

Customized product positioning, sales channel, pricing and sales plans; with communication support globally.

Company Function

​Contact Us

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4F., No. 114, Zhouzi St., Neihu Dist., 114688, Taipei City, Taiwan

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